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Deadly Yacht Fire Believed To Be Caused by Lithium-Ion Batteries

The article titled “Deadly Yacht Fire Believed To Be Caused by Lithium-Ion Batteries” by Kevin Maher, published on August 16, 2023, reports on a tragic …

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Inferno in the North Sea: Race Against Time to Save 2857 Cars Aboard

A terrifying incident has unfolded in the North Sea, near the Dutch island of Ameland. The cargo ship “Fremantle Highway,” carrying 2856 cars, caught fire …

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Hours of Effort to Extinguish an Electric Jaguar: A Close Encounter with the Blaze

In the vicinity of Lublin, precisely in Radawczyk Kolonia, a fire incident involving an electric vehicle took place recently. The firefighters had to contend with …

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World Rallycross Championship’s Round 4 Permanently Stopped due to Safety Concerns

The World Rallycross Championship was met with a concerning incident during Round 4 of the FIA World RX1e Rallycross Championship in the United Kingdom. Special …

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Damage worth millions after fire in underground car park

A garage fire in Nagold required numerous fire brigade forces on Saturday night. According to initial estimates by the police, the fire caused millions of …

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Lithium batteries sparked fire that burned UPS packages in New Jersey, USA

According to an article from The Lakewood Scoop, a fire at a UPS facility in Lakewood, New Jersey, was caused by lithium-ion batteries. The fire, …

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