In the vicinity of Lublin, precisely in Radawczyk Kolonia, a fire incident involving an electric vehicle took place recently. The firefighters had to contend with the blazing Jaguar for four grueling hours, with six fire brigades from the Lublin county participating in the intense rescue operation.

The Fire Incident:
The incident occurred on a Monday at approximately 7:15 PM when the local fire department received an emergency call reporting a fire in an electric Jaguar. Upon arrival, the firefighters were met with a rapidly escalating fire situation, necessitating immediate action.

Firefighting Efforts:
The firefighting teams promptly went to work, first securing the area to prevent further spread of the flames. They then deployed water to douse the burning vehicle and meticulously monitored and cooled down the battery, located beneath the car floor. Wearing specialized breathing apparatus, the firefighters battled the blaze valiantly.

Road Blockage and Resolute Efforts:
The firefighting operation resulted in a complete road blockage for several hours, causing inconvenience to commuters. Despite the challenges, the brave firefighters persisted, and their relentless efforts paid off as they managed to extinguish the fire by approximately 11:00 PM.

Collaborative Response:
The joint operation involved firefighters from various units, including JRG Bełżyce (2 units), OSP KSRG Babin, OSP Pawlin, OSP Radawiec Duży, and OSP Strzeszkowice Duże. The police also played a crucial role in ensuring the safety of the firefighting personnel and the area.

Following the successful extinguishing of the blaze, and after confirming that the temperature of the vehicle had normalized, the car was returned to its owner.

The incident in Radawczyk Kolonia highlights the dedication and bravery of firefighters who selflessly risk their lives to protect both people and property. The electric vehicle fire underscores the importance of preparedness and training for such emergencies, especially with the growing popularity of electric vehicles on the roads. As we continue to embrace sustainable technology, it is essential to be vigilant and informed about the safety measures and responses required in unexpected situations like this.



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