The World Rallycross Championship was met with a concerning incident during Round 4 of the FIA World RX1e Rallycross Championship in the United Kingdom. Special One Racing, a participant in the category, experienced a devastating fire that engulfed and destroyed both of their cars and transporter. The incident occurred while one of the team’s cars was being charged in the team area. Thankfully, quick thinking from team members prevented any injuries.

In response to the safety risks posed by the fire, the Stewards invoked Art. 11.9.3.r of the International Sporting Code and made the decision to permanently halt Round 4 of the World Rallycross RX1e championship. Urgent investigations were launched by the FIA, in collaboration with the Kent Fire service, Lydden Hill track staff, and the championship promoter. However, the investigation has yet to determine the root cause of the fire, leaving uncertainties about the safety of continuing the event.

Despite exploring alternatives for the event’s management, the unknown cause of the fire and the inability of the battery manufacturer, Kreisel, to provide adequate assurance in the system led to the decision to stop the competition. The FIA prioritized the safety of spectators, team members, and drivers, making it essential to avoid speculating on the fire’s causes.

As a result of the Stewards’ decision, Round 4 of the World Rallycross RX1e championship was officially canceled, while other competitions in the event proceeded as scheduled. Safety measures and further investigations will be undertaken to ensure a secure environment for future Rallycross events.

Source: FIA_LyddenHill_2023_Decision

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