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Fiberglass product manufacturing excellence with quality at It's best!

We are one of the leading fiberglass product producers in the Baltics. We’re headquartered in Valmiera, Latvia and work with partners across the world.

We create high value and quality products for our customers through sustainable, competitive and innovative solutions that help reduce energy consumption and provide environmental safety

Our Products

We are led by science and quality and therefore produce the most reliable and innovative solutions you are looking for.

Padtex Car Service Set consists of 2 fire blankets which has been designed as a preventive measure for towing services and workshops to ensure safety during transportation and storage of crashed e-car.

E-Cell Guard NEW!

The world’s first automatic fire protection system for electric vehicle happens automatically and without any human intervention within a few seconds. 

The best, efficient and safe solution for controlling the outbreak of fire in all engine types vehicles. Safe and effective for electric cars. Delivered in a smart bag or cabinet for mounting on the wall

Designed to limit and control the spread of fire that may occur on or around
palletized goods

Acoustic and thermal insulation product for power plants, granules production sites, gas turbine devices and many more

We will find the best solution with our IT team for your specific need

Welding blankets are applied all through welding and grinding operations to protect materials or staff located in the nearest from sparks and silvers. Vertical smoke barrier (curtain) are typically used to close off openings from standard door ways to larger atriums

Fire blankets intended to be used for damping down fire on smaller surfaces. The application of fire blankets is mostly common in locations where highly combustible materials are stored and operated with for example: kitchens, hospitals, petrol stations and etc.

We produce filtration socks. They are intended to be used for filtration of aluminum all through melting operation. While applying these filtration socks there are no special additional frameworks needed

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Fibergrlass for energy field

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